Monday, March 31, 2008

Tuesday Talks: Music teaching CDs "O Sing a New Psalm" and "Songs of the Remnant"

"O Sing a New Psalm" is the first of two instructional music CDs that teach families and church congregations how to sing in four-part harmony.

These are wonderful CDs which my family has enjoyed very much! There are 50 tracks on each CD, ten songs. The first ten are the songs sung in full harmony. Tracks 11-20 are just the soprano parts, tracks 21-30 are the alto parts, 31-40 the tenors, and 41-50 the bass parts. It's laid out quite well, and so easy to learn with!

My family loves singing and we have thoroughly enjoyed singing these Psalms in harmony. They are even easy enough for the littlest of our family to be able to pick up a tough part!

There is also an accompanying songbook for those who like to read the music when learning. This is exceptional for family worship time!

We have really loved these CDs and recommend them highly!

You can purchase them from The Genevan Foundation, or Vision Forum Ministries.

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