Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tuesday Talks: Bible Commentary

Good Morning! Today I'm reviewing my favorite Bible study tool, Matthew Henry's commentary of the whole Bible.

Matthew Henry wrote his commentary in the 1700's, yet it is very easy to understand and really brings whatever I'm reading in God's Word to a whole new light. I've discovered so many things that I never saw before - even in the passages of scripture I've read countless times.

I recieved my Matthew Henry Commentary (in six volumes) for a graduation gift from my church. My pastor highly recommends them as well as many members of our church.

You can purchase this commentary anywhere, and you can even read the whole thing online!

It's perfect for furthering your Bible study!

I'd love to hear about your Bible study/quiet time tools and routines, please leave a comment!

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simplysanctified said...

Oh, I love Matthew Henry's Commentaries - they are such a great resource and have helped me immensely!