Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Couple of Links

As you might have noticed, as we've grown increasingly busy, Stay-at-Home Daughters has been a tad silent! Yikes!

While we get back on the bandwagon, I want to share with you a couple of articles that have been a blessing to me in the recent past.

First is a wonderful article called "The Merry Future Homemaker" from Ladies Against Feminism.

Here's an excerpt.

"A few years ago, I embarked on a new phase in my life. In the summer of 1999, I completed my formal academics, and that autumn was an adjustment for me. When people inquired what grade I was in, I replied with a phrase that seemed strange to my ears: “I am graduated.” Graduated? What exactly does that mean?

To any young woman who desires a joyous life of serving the Lord, family, friends, and, Lord willing, building a new family for the glory of Christ, it means something entirely different from the worldly ambition of a selfish life of pursuing a career for a “better, happier life that won’t tie us down.”

People often ask me what I am doing now that I am finished with my formal academics. I happily reply, “Training to be the best wife, mother and homemaker I can be.” And what better way to be trained and prepared than to continue practicing those household skills that my mother has so carefully taught me—right here at home?"

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The second article is called "Daughters at Home" from Stacy McDonald's blog. This is an excellent one!

"What is a corner stone?

A cornerstone is the foundational stone at the corner of two walls. It is not used in just any structure, but is typically found in temples, churches, mansions, or elaborate buildings. A cornerstone is set in a prominent location and typically has an inscription that communicates to others the details of the structure’s history.

So by looking at the cornerstone you should know who designed the structure, how old it is, who built it, who owns it and possibly what its worth as a historical monument....

...For the record, a maiden isn’t called to be weak or helpless; she is literally to be a pillar of strength – His strength. She is also to be beautiful – to radiate His beauty with all purity and love. She obtains this type of loveliness through His faithful craftsmanship of her character and demeanor; not from her own vain efforts at the fading kind of beauty—though her outward appearance in not unimportant."

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I hope these are encouraging to you!


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