Monday, January 14, 2008

Tuesday Talks: Goodbye is Not Forever

This Tuesday I want to review an excellent book called, Goodbye is Not Forever by Amy George. It's an amazing true story about a Russian family's trials and sufferings during World War II.

The story follows Amy from her birth. Her father was arrested before she was 3 years old and taken to a camp in Siberia. Amy and her siblings were raised solely by their mother during the devastating war. So many things happen to Amy's family as they are moved and tossed about by Hitler's officials.

The most incredible part of the story is how Amy is led to the Lord and is able to see her entire family saved as they are reunited! Amy sees how the Lord's providential hand was there throughout the hardest periods of her life.

Disclaimer: Being the recollections of the horrors of war, there is some graphic content describing what Amy witnessed and was subjected to as a child.

I don't want to give away anymore, but I loved this book and would definitely recommend it!


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Mandy Grace said...

Hello! I wanted to stop by and say that I greatly enjoy reading your blog. That sounds like a fascinating book - I'm going to put it on my list! Maybe next week I'll have to participate in your "Tuesday Talks." I'm going to keep the idea in mind. :-)