Saturday, June 14, 2008

Guest Post: "Common Examples of Kindness"

Thank you so much for your article submissions! Keep them coming! We have recieved a few submissions which we will be publishing sporadically. First, a short, but lovely piece by Meghan G.

Kindness: a young granddaughter letting her grandmother lean on her while taking a walk.

Compassion: A schoolmarm bandaging a little boy’s knee after a scuffle.

Sympathy: A friend comforts a friend who has lost her grandmother. No words needed, just a listening ear and a shoulder.

Benevolence: a smiling face at a potluck supper cheers the grouchy old man who usually sits in the back of church.

Goodwill: After a slight, the girl just smiles and walks away without a smart retort.

Gentleness: A sister sits for two hours or more singing a lullaby to her baby sister without complaining so that her mother can get chores done.

Thoughtfulness: A girl stooping to help a old widow with her groceries even though the girl knows she’ll be a bit late for her sewing circle.

Kind words are different from proud words because they are usually spoken softly and tenderly whereas proud words are spoken loud and boisterous. In “The Primer Lesson” by Carl Sandburg, it says pride words wear long and hard boots but I think kind words would wear slippers, or a soft comfortable shoe such as loafers.

Meghan G. is a fourteen going-on fifteen young lady who loves to write, crochet, cross-stitch, read and watch old musicals. She is home schooled by her mother and is entering tenth grade-this will be her ninth year of home schooling. She is the eldest of her four siblings Sara who is twelve, Ronnie who is six and Anna who is three. Meghan loves receiving e-mails and getting to know other like-minded young ladies. Her e-mail is

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