Saturday, June 7, 2008

Happy Birthday to My Mother!

Today is a very special day. Quite a few years ago, my dear mother was born.

Just a few things I love about my mother:

My mother loves the Lord. She is one of His called, and wants nothing more than to serve Him and please Him all the days of her life. She has no greater joy than to see her children walk in Truth. She brought six lives into this world. She teaches them from His Word and prays that the Lord would call each of them His own.

My mother loves her home. She loves adventure and outings along with her family, but on most days, she would rather stay home under the comfort of our roof. She serves her family constantly, and usually unacknowledged, with a sweet and quiet spirit.

My mother is brilliant, and hilarious. She is a free thinker and never hides her opinions. She takes the time to talk with all of her children, in all seriousness, but she is also able to laugh at the situations at hand. She jokes and laughs with us on a daily basis. Her sense of humor is what makes life in the Kudzu house magical! She can match anybody with her wits, and she knows it!

My mother is spontaneous, as well as my father. With the both of them as our parents, we have come to appreciate the fact that spontaneity is the spice of life! Some of my fondest memories were things that happened without any planning whatsoever. While teaching and modeling the fact that it's certainly wise to plan and prepare, my mother also has fun with us simply by being herself and taking things as they come. She can also turn anything into a school lesson!

My mother is beautiful. Literally, she is strikingly gorgeous. Truly. If you don't believe me, watch the video below. Actually, watch it anyway. I worked hard on it.

Not only on this day, but everyday, we rise up and call my mother blessed. She is worth more than all the precious jewels in the world.

Happy Birthday, Ma mére.

(Another little known fact about my mother: she loves blog traffic. And even more, she loves comments. Help make her birthday grand, head over to her blog and leave a comment! Lurkers, today is your day to come out and show your appreciation for the fantastic and whimsical, Lady Why!)

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