Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday Talks: Piano For Dummies

Good morning!

Today I am reviewing "Piano for Dummies" here at Stay-At-Home Daughters.

I am about to begin teaching piano to several of my younger siblings, and I wasn't sure where to start.

While at the library a few weeks back, I noticed this book:

and I decided to check it out.

I was surprised at how good it was! It is divided out into 8 sections:

Part I:Warming up to the keyboard
Part II: Getting Sound Down on Paper
Part III: One Hand at a Time
Part IV: Living in Perfect Harmony
Part V: Technique Counts for Everything
Part VI: So Many Toys, So Little Time
Part VII:The Part of Tens .

It covers everything from picking out your piano to finger positions and dynamics, and different mnemonics to help you remember the notes on the staff. There is also lots of sheet music sprinkled throughout the book.

I can see that someone could easily teach themselves a lot about piano. A definite thumbs-up for me!

Note: I do not think my siblings are dummies. :) Just clarifying!

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SavedGirl said...

I like to play the piano. God bless you for wanting to teach your
siblings how to play. I am not sure
I could ever have enough pacience to teach people how to play the piano.

Please go take a look at my review.


Amanda Grace said...

Thanks for posting a review of that book! I never learned piano, so I'll keep it in mind if I ever decide to. I've found that most of those "Dummies" books are actually quite helpful!


Maiden Of Virtue said...

Hi SavedGirl and Amanda,

It is definitely a great book. I have several years of piano experience and it was great even just as a reference book. I like the "dummies" books.

I hope that it is useful to you as well!


SavedGirl said...

Dear Courtney,

Thank you for participating in Hymn Monday. I was going to leave a comment on One of the Bunch but I guess only registered users can comment. I really like My Fathers World also. Besides the words being so good the tune is so pretty.