Friday, February 29, 2008


In the past, I have really struggled with contentment, even though I had not realized it until lately. Several times I thought about how I wished this or that in my life would change.

I was getting bored with school, chores, and other trivial things. I couldn't understand why, because I have always loved school and taking care of my jurisdictions in our home.

I was experiencing discontentment at its finest. I can see now that God had been trying to show me for some time, but I had been too busy wishing for change that I wasn't paying attention. I missed the bigger picture! He wanted me to rely on Him!

Jesus wanted me to lay my discontented spirit at His feet, and place all other things aside. He wanted me to have a servant's heart, and through contentment in Jesus, I am now excited for new things headed in my direction, and I have learned to enjoy every moment- even the little things.

Since I laid that discontentment down, new opportunities have been coming my way. It is incredible what the grace of God will do if you simply listen and obey.

When I begin to feel discontentment creeping in, I take those feelings and talk to Jesus, and through His grace, I am humbled and restored.

For His Glory,



simplysanctified said...

What a blessing "hearing" your heart!!! Amen to all you said!

Flibbertigibbet said...

Discontentment is such an easy thing to be caught up into. I have struggled with it as well as I'm sure many have. Thanks for sharing Courtney! :)

Maiden Of Virtue said...

Thanks ladies! :)