Monday, February 18, 2008

Enjoying Everyday Moments.....

Hello to all of you! I hope that your weekend was refreshing and blessed!

Yesterday, I woke up to to a somewhat rainy day. I simply just listened and watched the raindrops rolling down my window, and reflected on what a precious gift God has given us with rain. No two raindrops look alike, and every rainstorm has its own unique features. I said a silent prayer thanking Him for this sweet and wonderful gift, and went on with my day.

I never realized how many little moments can slip through your hand if you are not paying attention, or how lovely these little moments can be.

I find that I have several of these moments everyday, whether I realize it or not.

Somtimes it is the beautiful sunset, the baby's sweet little smile, a little hand held in mine. Perhaps it is little Emma (who is 2), singing her cute little songs, or maybe it is watching viewmaster reels with your family on Friday nights.

It is so important that we do not take life for granted. On any moment, things can change so fast- we do not have forever.

Do you have an "Everyday Moment" to share? Leave a comment below!

Wishing you a lovely Monday!


Sara N. Smith said...

I am reminder that every moment with my family is precious. Especially as daughters, we do not know when the Lord will give us a family of our own. How we ought to treasure the special and even ordinary moments with our siblings and our parents - we have been blessed with a godly heritage!
I trust I will never take that for granted but continually praise and thank the Lord!

Maiden Of Virtue said...

What a great reminder! That is so true.

Thank you for leaving a comment!


Flibbertigibbet said...

That is so true Sara! I love just listening to my younger siblings as they converse with each other. Small everyday moments can be the best of blessings sometimes. :)

Great post Courtney!

Anna Naomi said...

Great post! It's funny, because I just posted on our blog about this, specifically in enjoying sunsets, then I popped over to yours and saw you'd written on somewhat the same thing! It's a good thing to be reminded of.

Maiden Of Virtue said...

Flibby, thanks so much! I really enjoyed writing it!

Anna, that's great! I have been really convicted lately over making sure I pay attention to even the littlest blessings.... what a wonderful coincidence!