Wednesday, February 27, 2008

On the Gift of Song...

Mine is a very musical family. This is not to say that we are particularly talented family, but simply one who takes great joy in music and the making of it. My siblings and I love singing with each other and each of us devotes an hour or so a day to the study of the piano and sometimes other various instruments. Music is an extremely worthy and fulfilling hobby for a young person, especially the stay at home daughter. It allows one to express her sincerest emotion or simply to relax after a long day.

Classical music is quite soothing and provides a pleasant atmosphere to the home during the daily duties. My mother loves to put classical music on during school hours. Whenever one of us has a lag between subjects we can quietly comment and converse about the composer or the particular section in the song. It's a very easy way to learn about music and their composers.

Apart from classical music, my family also enjoys opera. My mother's current favorite is Paul Potts, but we love most opera in general. Poppy and I love show tunes a lot, and we sing them constantly. We are quite fond of musicals! But, I think the best kind of music is the kind that you make yourself. Playing an instrument is a very satisfying past-time. We start our music education from birth, we've been singing to Noah his whole life! He loves music and smiles from ear to ear whenever we sing or dance. We make up little songs for him and sing all the little rhymes we used to hear when we were little. My mother and father also make up songs on the spot, as do my siblings and I. We actually have quite a few songs that we sing which are only known by our family and singing in the shower is considered a necessity by those who occupy our household! (Except for my dad ~wink~)

Once the children turn five, they start piano lessons. I help my younger sisters during the week and when the work is finished, we play fun songs and sing. Reading music is an excellent skill to have and it's as easy as learning to read English! It comes in quite useful. In our church young girls play the piano during the services and a few of them teach piano lessons as well.

Singing is also one of our favorite things to do. I've done some research on the proper breathing techniques and such, and Poppy has taken some voice lessons in the past. We love to teach everyone to sing in harmony or rehearse a number with choreography to perform for Noah! Talent is not important, it's only necessary to have fun and glorify the Lord in your music. The quote, "God said, 'Make a joyful noise' not a beautiful one." is one that I've remembered for so long I don't even remember where it's from.

Music is mixed into every one's daily lives. Whether or not you consider yourself a musical person there is always some points in the day when you are exposed to it. Whether or not you pursue music as a hobby, it can still make your life most enjoyable. I encourage you to take a moment to appreciate the music around you, it is quite a marvelous gift of the Lord.

May the Lord bless you and fill your heart with song.



Anna Naomi said...

Great post! Our family has always been a musical family, and it's been very enriching to grow up with all the musical influences. All of us were required to take a least some kind of music lessons, and currently I enjoy playing flute in a homeschool band and taking private piano and voice lessons. Music is a wonderful way to praise God!

Maria Pauline said...

Music is so fun. I have played violin for years and have challenged myself with second violin in youth orchestra this year.


Maiden Of Virtue said...

I am a music lover as well- I can't imagine life without God's gift of music. I am teaching myself violin and piano, and am greatly enjoying it. I love to listen, sing, and make my own music! :)

Great post!