Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday Talks: How To Be A Lady by Harvey Newcomb

It's Tuesday again!! Today I'm going to review a wonderful and insightful book, How To Be a Lady by Harvey Newcomb. This is such a great resource for young girls of all ages! Here are a few of the chapter titles:
  • On Childhood and Youth
  • Piety, as the Spring of Action and Regulator of the Soul
  • Treatment of Brothers and Sisters and others in the Family
  • Behavior at Table
  • Behavior at Family Worship
  • Private Prayer
  • Keeping the Sabbath
  • Habits
  • Education of the Heart
  • Education of the Mind
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • On finishing what is begun
  • On amusements
  • On the art of agreeable and profitable Conversation
  • On the Importance of being able to say No
  • On being Useful
  • On being Contented
  • Union of serious Piety with habitual Cheerfulness
As you can see, this book covers some very practical issues as well as matters of the heart and mind. I absolutely love this book! It was originally written in 1850, and has been reprinted. You can purchase it from our astore, or Vision Forum Ministries.

I love what is printed on the back of the book:
What you are while you are a girl, you will be when you become a woman. Your character is constantly forming. It is your buisness to keep out of the way of bad influences, and submit yourself to the moulding of the good. Keep in mind the great truth that you are forming a character for eternity. Some years ago, there were found on the banks of the Mississippi River the tracks of a human being, deeply imprinted in the solid rock. These tracks were made in the soft clay, which in time became hardened, and formed into stone. Now, the impression is immovable. You now resemble this soft clay. Every thing with which you come in contact makes an impression. But, as you grow older, your character acquires solidity, and is less and less affected by these influences, till at length is will be like the hard stone, and the impressions made upon you at this season will become confirmed habits.

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Maiden Of Virtue said...

This is a book that I have been wanting to read. Thanks for the review!