Monday, February 4, 2008

Why I Wear A Dress

A lot of people ask me why I wear dresses, and why I prefer them to pants. I decided to post some of the most common questions I receive about the dress/pants issue.

Why would you want to wear a dress/jumper/skirt? Wouldn't you rather have the "freedom" of wearing pants?
I find that I can still do everything I could do in pants in a skirt or dress. I can do home construction, ride a bike, mow the lawn, and do it all in a skirt! There is very little that I "can't" do in a skirt. Right now, I can't even think of one thing.

Pants are more comfortable and less constricting, right?
For me, I found that this was totally different. There was actually more room to move about in most skirts. There are some skirt styles that do have less leg room, but I find that it helps me to take small, lady-like steps.

OK, I like the idea of wearing dresses, but I can't find anything decent!
Most of my skirts/dresses are found online or secondhand. I also have sewn many of my skirts/dresses. One of my favorite skirt patterns can be found for free here, and I would also like to make this pattern here. It really is easier than it looks.


A few reasons I like to wear a skirt
They are more feminine
They are more comfortable
They can be dressy or casual
They twirl so nicely
My list could go on and on!

How about you? Why do you like/dislike dresses and skirts?

Have a great day!


Flibbertigibbet said...

This is a wonderful post Courtney! I agree, dresses are much more comfortable than pants! The only "disadvantages" to wearing skirts are that you have to be more careful to walk, sit, and carry yourself like a lady, which in my book is actually an advantage!

A lot of girls are afraid they'll look "frumpy" (gasp!) but in my opinion pants actually look more "frumpy" -- if they aren't formfitting. If you're wearing formfitting pants, than you aren't being modest and your heart isn't right anyway. ;)

I'm not against wearing pants completely - I wear capris if I'm doing something really outdoors-y, like hiking or wading through water, and I wear loose knit pants to exercise in. I also wear pants to sleep sometimes.

Maiden Of Virtue said...

Thanks Flibby!

I agree about carrying yourself more like a lady- and I agree that it is a advantage!

I am not against wearing pants either... I have several pairs of pajama pants and a pair to exercise in as well, and if we went camping more often I would probably get some pants for that too! :)

Anna and Miriam said...

Great reasons! As you probably know, I wear dresses almost exclusively for much of the same reasons. They're just so much fun!

Maria said...

Great reasons! I love skirts though I don't wear them every day.

One reason is actually because I dislike jeans as they are restricting and uncomfortable as I prefer higher, more defined waistlines. "Frumpy" jeans are even worse.

I usually wear skirts exclusively at home in the summer and sweatpants occasionally in the winter. Jeans are only for going places.


Maria Pauline said...

Wonderful reasons! I love skirts, though I don't wear them every day.

One of my reasons is simply that I dislike jeans. They are so restricting and the waistband is uncomfortable. "Frumpy" jeans are even worse. Therefore, the only time I wear jeans is when I go places.

At home, I usually wear skirts, and sometimes sweatpants (or both together) in the winter.

Maria Pauline

Maiden Of Virtue said...

I agree Anna, Miriam and Maria! I am not going to say "pant are evil", I just genuinely like to wear skirts and dresses more! :)

Thanks for visiting!


Anna Naomi said...

I am not going to say "pant are evil", I just genuinely like to wear skirts and dresses more! :)

I couldn't agree more!

Oh - and just to let you know: it was just me that commented before. Sometimes I forget to log out of our double account and into my personal one! =)