Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuesday Talks: The Princess and The Kiss

Today is Tuesday Talks here at Stay-At-Home Daughters!

I am excited to be reviewing The Princess and The Kiss by Jennie Bishop.

This is a wonderful story about saving your first kiss for your husband, and shining with radiant purity!

The story begins with a princess who has a first kiss. Her parents have kept it carefully guarded, and she wants to save it for the right person. Several tempting suitors come along, and she wonders who her Prince Charming will be. Will it be the handsome suitor, or the strong suitor? Will she follow God's plan and wait for the right man under the wise counsel of her parents?

The description reads:
"The Princess and the Kiss is a marvelous parable of God's gift of purity that will touch the heart of parent and child alike. A loving king and queen present their daughter with a special gift from God-her first kiss-to keep or to give away. There is much to be learned as you observe the wise young princess following the counsel of her parents, keeping her kiss safe for the man she will perhaps someday marry. This simple story reveals that purity is a special gift from God which is given to every precious princess. It will also help every king and queen begin to explain the importance and beauty of a pure heart to their little princess, and it will encourage her in her pursuit and desire for purity."

This is a wonderful book, and although the description reads that it is for little girls, I think that young women would gain a lot from this book as well.


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