Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuesday Talks!

Tuesday Talks is here once more!

I am reviewing "Coming In on A Wing and A Prayer".

When I first saw this book, I thought it was a boy book about airplanes and war- things which are somewhat boring to me.

Little did I know that I was quite wrong. This is a wonderful book, written from the perspective of a Grandmother writing to her grandchildren about her Grandfather's legacy, therefore passing the legacy down through many generations. She writes of his time in Iwo Jima and about the hardships and duties there.

There are several photgraphs and little notes sprinkled throughout as well. You do not want to miss this book!

The Amazon review reads as followed:

"He was only five years old when a local barnstormer offered to take young Bill Brown for a flight in a biplane in exchange for one of his mother’s home-cooked meals. That day birthed a life-long fascination with aviation. As a young man, he grew up near the home of the man who would become the most famous pilot of the Second World War — Jimmy Doolittle of the “Doolittle Raiders.” By twenty-one, Brown had earned his own wings and found himself as a flying P-51 Mustang fighter pilot performing daring raids from battlefields like Iwo Jima. Ultimately he was shot down during a combat mission over Japan, but would live to become a dynamic servant of the Cross. Featured in the film, The League of Grateful Sons, Bill Brown is now the subject of a thrilling story of combat, faith, and fatherhood told through the eyes of granddaughter Kelly Brown. In Coming In on a Wing and a Prayer, a beautiful, pictorially rich book, Kelly recounts the life of her flyboy grandfather as a letter to generations yet to be born. One of the most encouraging books you will read this year. Hardback. 55 pgs."

This very sweet and wonderful story is written by Kelly Brown (now Bradrick), and is available through our Astore or Vision Forum.

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Have a great Tuesday!

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