Sunday, November 18, 2007

Help Your Family With Holiday Cleaning

Good Afternoon!

I am doing a quick posting, because my family has been busy preparing for our upcoming Thanksgiving. While working on that, I was inspired to post about some of the ways girls can help their families with cleaning tasks!


1. When working on a task assigned to you, do it with a cheerful heart and countenance. - Your attitude greatly effects those around you. If you are complaining, whining or grumbling, you can be sure that soon everyone will be in foul moods as well. We are called to spread peace, not strife.

2. Work well with those around you. - Fighting over who does what is not only going to prolong the task, but again, we are to spread peace, not strife. (See Above, #1)

3. Ask if there is something you can help with. - Many times your Mom or Dad could use help, but are simply too busy to ask! You can be a huge blessing just by asking! Again, cheerfulness is very important!

4.Watch younger siblings. - Sometimes the best way to help is to watch your younger siblings. I babysit for my parents, and that allows them to go grocery shopping or do other errands quickly and efficiently, which brings us to #5:

5.Efficiency! - Wandering from room to room is not working efficiently! Picking things up from one place and sitting them somewhere else is not efficient. Being lazy is not efficient. Picking up after yourself, helping younger siblings to pick up after themselves, cleaning systematically, etc., are all good ways of being efficient.


I hope these are useful to you, I know we are busier than usual in the holiday season, and these are good things to keep in mind!

Have a wonderful day!



Lady Why said...

Wise words, indeed! I'm going to direct some of the younger children in our family to this article. It's rather timely for this week of Thanksgiving in our house as well!

Maiden Of Virtue said...

Thanks for your sweet comment!

I am glad to know this will be useful!!

Have a great Thanksgiving!