Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A thought on being a blessing to my siblings.

I was playing with one of my little sisters the other day and she said "I hope I grow up to be like you!". When she said that, I was reminded of how much responsibility I really have! I am the older sister to two wonderful little girls and two wonderful little boys who are constantly watching and learning. It reminded me how much I really have to watch myself, and see the example I am setting.

Recently I have been trying to be a blessing to my little sisters (and brothers) by helping them with things, teaching them things and sometimes just playing with them. For example, every time I have baked something recently I always call Hannah B and Cindy Lou in to help me. They adore cooking with me, especially when I let them crack the eggs :P

Also, my younger siblings and I have been working on a secret project and they adore spending time together, helping and working on it every day. It is so much fun to just spend time with them laughing and enjoying ourselves.

I would rather be with my siblings any day than without. They are amazing. You wouldn't believe how special they feel when I let them help me sew, take care of the baby or even fold my laundry.

I hope I have encouraged you to stop what you are doing and give some time to your siblings. You wouldn't believe how much it means to them.

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